Everyone acquainted with construction will agree that the extensive metal roofing
industry, which plays such an important role in the environmental performance of
buildings, is in urgent need of a make-over. The substitution of specified materials
with inferior products, particularly in the emerging sector, has become rife with
price prevailing over structural performance and durability. In an attempt to
restore credibility in the industry concerned players, from all sectors, have formed
the Southern African Metal Cladding and Roofing Association (SAMCRA).

The Southern African Metal Cladding and Roofing Association (SAMCRA) mission is:

  • To create an infrastructure on which an orderly industry can be built including appropriate standards, testing facilities and a base of knowledgeable people.
  • To facilitate the fusion of the ambitions of the metal cladding and roofing industry with the requirements of the specifiers and clients to create¬†a successful and respected industry
  • To promote the image of the metal roofing and cladding industry and the use of its products

Our primary objectives are to:

  • Ensure that there are comprehensive, appropriate and widely accepted SANS standards for the metal roof and side cladding as well as tiles
  • Participate in the establishment of an accredited testing facility
  • Establish a strong knowledge base on all aspects of roof and side cladding including technical literature and knowledgeable individuals
  • Campaign to have all metal cladding products sold in South Africa branded with the relevant product information
  • Facilitate the training of specifiers, building inspectors and other decision makers with particular focus on artisans
  • Implement a programme aimed at the certification of roofing contractors and another to have roofer recognised as a trade